dark horse a goon christmas (part 2)

Based on the Dark Horse comics series "The Goon":

The second half of this heart-felt holiday tale continues! Yes, it's Dickens' heart-warming tale of a dead-beat dad who always shows up late for work and won't work on Christmas to provide his invalid son with proper medical attention as performed by the Goon ensemble. And then three ghosts come and terrorize some old rich guy into paying for the cripple's medical expenses.

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Writer and Artist: Eric Powell

Line Producer: Matt Parkinson Producer: Mike Richardson Directed by: Erik Bruhwiler

V.O. Artists: Dr Alloy, Merle: Liam O'Brien Narrator: Matthew Mercer Franky: Vic Mignogna "Jimmy Stewart": Kyle Heber Bill Mudd: Dean Michaels Scrooge, Charlie Mudd: Doug Stone Goon: Gerald Rivers Buzzard: Taliesin Jaffe Mrs. Scrooge, Daughter: Mela Lee Son: Jason C. Miller Tiny Tim: Greg Benson Customer: Richard Epcar